don't lose business

64% of customers won't re-hire late contractors, even if just by 1hr

89% of companies saw a decrease in fuel costs
85% cited an improvement in first-call resolution rates
95% improved technician punctuality

Ebook Guide to Field Service Software

simple and scalable

From residential to large-scale commercial projects. Fulfill and track your entire customer journey; we've made it easy for you to manage your workflow with mHelpDesk.

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1. Manage Job Leads
All-in-One CRM to manage your lead and jobs pipeline
2. Quotes and Estimates
Easily create job quotes and estimates on the fly
3. Job Management
Easily manage your entire team's schedule & job dispatching
4. Online and Offline Billing
Invoice a customer instantaneously after completing a job
5. Get Paid
A complete merchant account integrated system

getting a new job

all-in-one crm and lead management solution

mHelpDesk’s lead management gives you an end-to-end view of your business, automating contact with leads to ensure that you can make a great first impression and land the job. When that lead becomes a customer, easily create an estimate or job with just a couple clicks with no double data entry.

Different models

job quotes

create estimates in real-time

Our mobile app allow you to quickly create professional-looking estimates out in the field and send them directly to customers by email. Estimates created out in the field are also synced instantly so your office staff can access them for reporting or printing when needed.

Different models

job management

easy scheduling and dispatch

At the core of mHelpDesk is one of the most powerful job management systems. Your field workers, dispatchers, schedules, custom forms, and billing systems are all integrated to keep everything neatly organized. mHelpDesk is like Google Calendar and Outlook, but built specifically for field service businesses. It goes beyond simple scheduling and adds the details that other systems lack to get the job done efficiently.

billing a job

seamless invoice to accounting

mHelpDesk integrates all your billing and invoicing. Eliminate double-data entry, wasted-time, and errors when you invoice and bill through mHelpDesk or integrate with QuickBooks. Field technicians simply record their time and materials used out in the field using our easy-to-use mobile app. Once collected, you can quickly convert everything into an invoice that can be emailed, printed or synced with QuickBooks ®.

getting paid for the job

complete merchant account integration

We have created one of the most affordable and easy-to-use payment processing solutions for the service industry. Unlike the others, our rates are 100% transparent. We don’t charge extra for American Express, key-ins, or online payment processing. We don’t charge you more for losing your swiper. You get the same low rate no matter how you use it.